What To Pack

Camping at the festival is the best way to take your Exit 11 experience to the next level. You’ll be just a short walk from the best damn party around, and being properly prepared will make it even better.

  • Camping gear
    • Tents & Shelters
    • Sleeping Bags & Beds
    • Extra blankets! It’s going to get chilly at night
    • Tarp
  • Cooler and/or water jugs (ice available for purchase throughout the campgrounds)
  • Lantern / flashlight / headlamp (AND extra batteries)
  • Refillable steel water bottle
  • Camping chairs, tables, and anything else that might help create a comfortable hangout
  • Rain gear (failure to bring it increases the chance of rain)
  • A solid hoodie or coat (it will get cold at night)
  • Extra shoes/sneakers (you’ll be walking, headbanging, and dancing all day)
  • Mud boots (in case it rains)
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat for shade
  • A bandana
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra trash bags (we do provide some bags for trash and recycling, but extras are nice)
  • Toilet paper (Again, we provide in the bathrooms, but backups are nice – you never know)
  • Flag or balloon to help identify your campsite
  • Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times (avoid keeping keys in your car!)

  • Small stove or grill if you would like to cook some of your own food (please obey our Gasoline/Charcoal/Propane Policy)
  • Small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring any valuables – if you must, keep them locked out of view in your vehicle)
  • Vehicle key code (this makes it easy for the locksmith to duplicate your car key if you lose it)
  • Smokers – bring an ashtray! Every butt you throw on the ground, someone has to pick up!
  • Blanket (for sitting)
  • Earplugs (for sleeping and general hearing protection)
  • Portable speakers or radio for your campsite party



    NO Glass
    NO Kegs
    NO Weapons
    NO Drones
    NO Fireworks
    NO Illegal Substances
    NO Bicycles or any other 2-wheeled transportation device
    NO Professional cameras (with detachable lenses longer than 2” long)
    NO Pets
    NO Glow sticks
    NO Box trucks / trailers
    NO Laser pens or similar focused light device
    NO Vending (sharing, yes. Selling, no)
    NO Tools (edged cutting tools like saws, knives, and blades)


    YES Empty water bottles
    YES 1 factory sealed water bottle (smaller than 1L please)
    YES Clear bags made of clear plastic, clear vinyl, or clear pvc which do not exceed 20″ x 15″ x 9″
    YES Waist pack, fanny packs, or similar
    YES Small Clutch Bags up to 4.5″ x 5.5″
    YES empty hydration packs with a gear capacity of 2.5L/150 cubic inches with no more than two front pockets. (i.e. water bladder + 2 additional front pockets). No larger than 20″ x 15″ x 9″.
    YES Blankets
    YES Lawn chair (less than a foot off the ground)
    YES Point and shoot cameras / cameras with detachable lens less than 2” long
    YES Totem (Less than 7 feet tall, and less than 1 inch in diameter. Must be made of light material: swim noodles, foam type material, cardboard tubes, fabric, light plastic, balloons, aluminum and/or blow up items.)

    NO Food or drinks, other than water and small snacks (Trail mix, yes. Double cheeseburger, no.)
    NO Selfie sticks, go pro sticks, tripods
    NO Outside alcohol (alcohol will be sold in venue)
    NO Chairs that sit higher than 1 foot off the ground
    NO Totems made of hard woods and/or other materials that may cause injury if dropped. This includes flag poles and heavy sticks.
    NO Anything that’s prohibited elsewhere on festival grounds